Ruck Science is the latest Bucks partner

The Bremer bucks would like to take this opportunity to thank our long-time sponsors. You can read about who supports the Bucks on the sponsorship page of our website. Thank you all for your years of support, we wouldn’t be the organization we are without you.

New sponsor

With that said, the Bucks would like to announce a new partnership which we hope will be very beneficial to our members and supporters alike. This month, we’ve signed up with the sports nutrition company, Ruck Science. The company makes and sells a range of nutritional products designed for rugby players to perform, recover and live better. They’re based down in Austin, TX and they were started by a group of rugby players who were sick of taking supplements that we actually made for body builders. Their online store has a full catalogue of all their products, please check it out when you have a chance.

About their products

The company is trying to create a sports nutrition brand that just does rugby. They don’t sell to Soccer players, Football players, MMA guys or anything else. Their thing is that they just do nutrition for rugby. Please keep in mind that many of their products are similar to what’s out there on the supplement market, but each of their products comes with specific usage instructions and protocols for how to use them best as part of a rugby player’s diet.

100% W.A.D.A Compliant

For anyone who is hoping to play higher-level rugby in the future or who knows a college student who might want to use Ruck Science products. The company has 3rd party confirmation that their supplements contain 0 ingredients that are on the World Anti Doping Authority banned substances list. Ruck Science is therefore 100% W.A.D.A compliant. To due further due diligence on this, checkout the W.A.D.A. iphone app which helps you cross-reference ingredients on the fly. You can also ask them for batch testing results guaranteeing the quality of their products which they will email to you.

Sponsorship Agreement

We don’t have a fixed end date for this partnership with Ruck Science. If you’re going to buy nutritional supplements to use during rugby training and games, getting them from these guys will be one way to support the Bucks outside of your regular dues payments. For every purchase a Bucks member of support makes on, the company will donate up to 20% of the value of that order back to the club. We don’t need to do anything to get these payments, like putting their logo on Jerseys etc so it won’t conflict with any of our current sponsorship agreements. If you’re going to buy these kinds of products anyway, take a look at Ruck Science and see if you can do the club a good turn.

How to get started with Ruck Science

Two things to keep in mind if you want to try out Ruck Science and compare them to other supplement manufacturers:

  1. Register for their Rucks rewards program before your first purchase and you’ll get $5 worth of credits on the website to get you started
  2. Check out the rugby sample stack which has all 4 of their custom rugby supplement blends in a handy carrying stack - the whole stack filled with supplements is $20
  3. Make sure when you go through the checkout process, when they ask you which rugby club you play for, enter “Bremer Bucks” so they can send us our donations each month.
  4. Read their in-depth articles on rugby-specific nutrition and training protocols on their rugby blog